Looking for an active club

im willing to fight 3000 point minimum daily, any club have an empty space for me?

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Lee club will have an opening as soon as the week ends tonight. Send me your name, and I will send you an invite. We have a 21,000 weekly points and 18 hr idle time.

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OnionBoy here, will leave current club after get the reward

What club are you in?

Pirates king… just join in yesterday

Sent you an invite in case you decide to join us. We typically get all 6 perks and try really hard for the special perk each week. We understand people have lives so don’t push the special.

i havent reach turtle cove yet…still new player…couldnt join in yet

Hope that u are willing to adjust the requirement for me to join

Will do that right now.

Done and sent request.

Lokaho is looking for a new player. We are a fun caring team.

Our team is Flew the Coop. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you. Our daily minimum is 2500/day, but most of us do much more, so we’re in the top 500 (and get all perks) with just 21 players. We’re competitive but realize that there is life beyond the game :slight_smile: Please send a request to join and I’ll add you if you’d like to be part of our group. Good luck!

Hey im leader of sunnys island if your still looking for a club let me know you only have to be at alhoa island if problem reaching me fb is jeni Johnson from Indiana pic is me Mickey mouse and baby send me request and a message we need 3 people

Hi I need a player that will do more than just more further in the game and help with tributes. I will support with daily coins extra if they will join and help