Looking for an active club to join

I’m on daily and would like to be part of an active club. Joined two weeks ago. Currently level 151 and 28k+ club points.

We’d love to have you in Tiki MonStars. You can request to join and I’ll add you. :hugs:

I tried but didn’t get a response and now it looks like you guys are full :frowning:

Island Hoppers has 1 opening

Black Rose Tiki has opening. U may join us. Send request and we will accept. :blush:

We would love to have you join LBugs Retreat. We are new so some players not active, but will be weeding them out as soon as we get enough people. :slight_smile:

Smiles for tiki is just starting out and building a great team. Please join us at perk end so you csn receive your rewards or before. Looking for daily players who will contribute to perks, quests, 50k+ week and who will communicate. Communication + teamwork = the perfect fun team :slight_smile: