Looking for active players.

Hello all I am looking for very active players. People that sign in and play every 24 hours. Dannie’s group has 15 very strong players we are just having trouble finding the last 10 strong players. So come and join us.

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I always want to get into clubs with more contributors, but I’m always afraid of missing that deadline. I will also say I am a little tired of being a top contributor to my club every time and there are like 10-12 people who don’t do anything.

Even the week that I had two concerts plus a bunch of meetings (I teach/professional musician) I still was the top.

Are you the leader? If so, set rules and boot the bad ones and get new and better players. If you aren’t the leader, find a new club. Been a member of a club that let people slide and it’s not fun.

I am not the leader. I’m just not sure how to find a good fit especially since most are invite only. I don’t need to be top 100, but I’m sure there are better fits.

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I assume you have looked in Discover? How much do you earn in points per week?

I am the leader and I do kick people out all the time. If someone goes 24 hrs with out playing then they get kicked out.

We would be thrilled to have you be a part of our team if you would like to join just let me know.

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