Looking For Active Players to Join Our Fresh New Team!

** We are a group of players that left a platinum league team due to a stressful team leader, way too much stress! So we created a drama free zone team and are looking for:

Daily players,15k min.weekly, talks in group chat is a must!
(we are trying to form a socializing team :slightly_smiling_face:)
Players that help with perks, plays tributes, helps maxing club quests, reads club notes and club motto.

We have a 24 max idle but we understand life comes first! Just speak up and you’ll be coverered! We also have a rest team for anything or reason you may need to take a break and not lose your club!

We also ask our players to join our Facebook team group chat on messenger, where everyone can talk, share free links and ask questions.

We love to have fun and enjoy playing the game, having said that, we’d welcome anyone that feels these things stated above fits what your looking for. If so find us at:

Beach Bum Fools **

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