Looking for active players for platinum fun team

:sparkles:Rowdy Rebels is looking for a few great players who like to play as much as most of us do :grin: Digs are optional and ask at least 20k/200 tributes a wk. Max quests or let us know if you can’t/ Communicate. All members besides leader, are co-leaders. A lot of us have become friends and support each other. We’d love some good players who enjoy playing/maxing so it remains fun for us all! :wink:

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Hello, I represent 2 players, my wife and I and looking for a club home. We have been playing platnum for a while and gold before that. We are both reliable and follow club rules. One issue in the past has been with clubs that selectively enforce rules for some and not others. Fair rules were everyone is expected to play the same (unless excused) is the kind of club we hope to land in. We also love doing dig competion, tributes and club points competitions. Not too crazy about red stars, but will play if we have too. I’m good for about 20k points a week- more that that is difficult and work full time. If we might fit your club, please let me know and what your rules are.

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Hi, we’d love to have you and your wife join us! We ask 20k/200 tributes a week. We asked that you Max and if not communicate so we can get help if needed. We’re really good at supporting each other and communication. If you dig since the competitions are higher we ask that you do as many as you can at least 20 shovels. And yes
rulesv apply for everybody we’re all pretty good about it. You’re welcome anytime :blush:

Also, when starts get close to the end of leaderboard reset and ridiculous to max, we skip and just ask to play tributes and work towards perk. We do perks in order of 1,2,6,5,3,4 so we can use the beloved golden tiki sooner then later :wink:

I like your perk order and also skip of reds during reset time.

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We’ve had most of our players for a long time. Lost a few due to them needing a break from the game and a lot going on in their lives. We always do tributes and all quests, but not to bummed if we don’t get the ridiculous ones because life happens but we’re pretty good about winning majority of our Quests, but a lot of us don’t care for the stars either :sweat_smile:
We usually do week day digs because we’ve had more success and weekend dig seem to be more challenging and a little harder to rank higher but we’ve been coming in second place with only 10 people digging on weekday digs. We’re pretty good about communicating and pairing up and then we have a morning Cleanup Crew which is done really awesome when it goes that way pretty cool to see teamwork and everybody communicating and a lot more gems LOL you’ll have to excuse talk to text as I’m doing school pickup. But let me know if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to check us out I would be grateful to have you join our team

Just curious- everyone is a co-leader - is that part of a strategy?

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Yes, the rest if the team are co-leaders. It’s nice that they can update and add to max list. Just nice to all be equal and feel part of a team vs smaller then some. If that makes sense Haha

Good morning :wave: I just had to remove a player for lying and not being reliable nor dependable, unfortunately. We would love to have you and your wife join us. We have room and are currently doing tributes. A great time to start after reset.
Thank you, Nikkola ~ Leader of Rowdy Rebels

I would love to join your team I am currently on the team beauty and the beast and they just don’t wanna try and I really would like to be on a team that wants to win more. Their last chat was in 2020 I can’t communicate with anybody I just would like to be on a team that wins stuff I’ve been playing for a little over two years thank you very much if you let me join your team will you let me know how to do it thank you. Heather

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We would absolutely love to have you! Right now we’re skipping stars because of being late in the week, but ask everyone to play tributes and club points. You can also join our BF solitaire tripeaks Rowdy Rebels and messenger, but we also do a good job at communicating through chat. Easier on messenger to tag etc.

Hi Heather, we’d love to have you join our team! you can look us up and let us know if you feel club notes and our rules are for you! We are great at chatting and communicating, so important :grinning:
Rowdy Rebels

Thank you, Nikkola

Hi, I’m presently in a platinum club that is slowly falling apart since our leader quit. We basically have no leader. I am good at quests, digging and tributes, and. Would love to join your club.

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Come on over! Please read our club notes and make sure ro say hi. Don’t go don’t go idle for hours when you just join. I’m sure you won’t but we’ve had 3 new players in the last week how joined and played maybe 1k and didn’t see them again Hahaha We’d love to have a team player and one who communicates. Even just simple chat. You can always join our messenger of you wanted roo. Much easier to communicate

Head over to our family, Rowdy Rebles :grin: