Looking for a successful club!

I am a hardworking player, get at least 25k a week, I love to dig with teamwork, I get all cq’s, always read chats, and want to win digs, cq prizes and have fun! Who’s my new club? I’d love to stay in a successful drama free kind
club for the long haul.

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Come join Queen Bees. We are trying to rebuild our team and are looking for active new players…

We are regrowing our team at “the resty place”. We are a rest team for our diamond team

You are welcome at spikey’s island. We are a solid platinum team. Usually in top 10. Have fun together. We are looking for a new teamplayer that also works for club quests, communicates and has fun with us. Welcome.

You are welcome to Chilling. Atm we are Platinum but sadly have had to boot some old players who stopped playing. We are a nice and friendly active team. :slight_smile: Rules: ma 24h idle, 2000cp and 20 trinutes daily, max cqs.

We literally split off from an old team because we wanted NO DRAMA - that’s our mantra. We love each other and have fun. We are looking to fill up after recently “cleaning house” of people who couldn’t keep up w/ our reasonable minimums and who didn’t communicate.
Welcome to Totems Totona (“Drunken Totems”)! We should be back to Platinum next week (dropped due to that housecleaning, but we’re at #1 in gold)

Give Play for Fun a try. We are looking for people who enjoy playing and having fun. We always get the 6 and the special 7. We do the cq’s and usually take first place in the dig. No drama here in our diamond club. We have reached platinum a few times too! Reading chat is a must.

Tiki wiki. Plz come join us. We understand when stuff happens and cant play. They dont kick you off. I’ve been offered alot of clubs…Im sticking with tiki wiki!!!

Really loving Meeeee, a platinum level, with a supportive, engaged group of caring folks. Understand real life challenges and committed to cooperation and team goals. Great leaders!

Come join John 3:16, we have a great team

Come join Tiki Powerups!! We are platinum team with no drama, all fun. We have great players, an excellent environment and leaders who care about the game.

SURVIVORS…We are Platinum, 24k per week. Only play Competition once a week after getting Golden Tiki. We have 3 openings. Sarah is our top player & Co-Leader. We are Public. Come and try us.

Buckys Camp would love for you to join us. Several of us have been playing for 5 years in our group. Nice group of people and no drama.

Come and join the Hay group No drama and would love tohave you

Come to Feed Kyumi, you will fit in perfectly

Me too. Tell me if you find one and invite me to it as well.

Emmala, we would love you to try Queen Bees. We are trying to rebuild our team and are looking for players that like to compete like you indicate you play. We would be happy to have you

Come join Starz of Tiki! We are a platinum club and looking for a couple new players.

Send me an invite… jaymac is my screen name . I average 50k a week

I average 400 tributes a week… i am looking to be more than a member