Looking for a new team

Was on a team that was “family” what a joke. I was in the hospital, but still playing and maxing almost everyday. Yesterday they booted me. So now looking for a new team. Tired of dealing with nasty leaders.

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Good luck to you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

The Dream Team Platinum league needs that

HHallo ik ben op zoek naar en nieuwe club waar ze wel actief spellen en het gevoel geeft dar je niet alleen speelde en de rest ga lopen met je geleverde inspanningen. … grtz pe

Mermaid Lake has openings. We go back and forth from Gold and Platinum. Minimum of 10K and 72 hour idle.

It’s great to be a part of a team. I understand where you’re coming from I work a lot of hours when I am working. And when you have lack of service it’s hard to stay committed. Been kicked out of many teams due to for those reasons

Come join our club. Only requirement is to play every day and help make your team successful. We are called Nay Nay’sNay’ s Club.

Gliding Tikis would love to have you! We are usually a platinum team but lost a few members due to this virus going around so we have dropped to a gold team. Our team has been around a couple of years with a few of the original members. We are committed to maxing everyday and communication is key! Feel free to ask any questions before joining or come check us out!

Hi Merrix! Still looking? If 5k a day works for you we would love having you. Team name is Key Largo.

Still looking for a few good players at Gliding Tikis any questions feel free to ask
No 18 idle
Max 1/3 cq
Daily min 3500
25k weekly

“let’s have fun” looking for players who love being part of a great team as much as we do. 4K daily, club quests a must, post Maxed in chat for club quest and only other requirement you must have a name :slight_smile: Fun & Chatty group looks forward to having you!

Sounds like my kind of team. How do you do on perks and tribs

Hi Jewelbn,
Tiki Central will have 1 spot open on Friday. We are a Platinum Club. Get all 6 Perks weekly and sometimes the Extra Perk. We max CQ’S and have no problem with Tributes.
We are a fun and supportive Club. I would love to have you join us.

If you are still looking we have openings at Gliding Tikis hope to see you

Come join my team…

We would love to have you in Mir! We are a chatty friendly group! You would never get booted if you played daily! Hope you are feeling better!

If you’re still looking for a good team, look for Be Happy with Carmel as leader. We are a Diamond League team, which requires 3K before idle when you first join, and 7K daily, with 49K weekly. Try to max all club quests. Life comes first, all we ask is that you communicate if you can’t meet requirements.

Come join us tiki warriors…/greg f

If you are still looking for a new team, please come check out Perk Smashers. We are currently 1st in Gold league, we normally run in Platinum, but have lost members with COVID. 20k/300 trib a wk, 24 idle limit, communication is mandatory. I would have to say our team leadership is pretty understanding since we all work, so understanding when life gets in the way!

I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you and that’s the worst. Hope you’re feeling better and are on the mend.
If you haven’t found a team yet, we’d be more than happy to have you join us on God’s Grace.
We’re have a 36 hr idle and as long as you communicate you need extra time, you’re fine. We post who’s out in club notes, so there’s no mistake.
Hope you join us - God’s Grace