Looking for a new player!

kahuna dreams (case sensitive) is looking for a new team member. 25k a week and can’t be idol for more than 20 hours. Our average rank is mid 400’s and we complete our perks. Most of all we have fun! Look us up and request to join!

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Im looking for a club to join. Yesterday I had 540 perks, and about 30,000 club points. I play everyday numerous times a day, and at night.

Wow! That’s a lot! You wanna have fun help us out at team bubba j

I would like to join your team I average around 22,000 club points and 117 perks. Not sure if that’s good enough.

We could use you in Stay to Play

we can use you on bubba j 20K per event 300 tikis but not that important

Still recruiting daily players. Platinum group that completes all perks weekly. 5K daily, 35K weekly

We would love you to join us we called sonnynkelly our club name. We all a fun group always do all club quests and also we require 20 k + a week and around 200 tributes a week and always put maxed when done club quest we get all 6 perks and most times get the bonas one too. We just want loyal hardworking people no time wasters in ours too if interested send in request

Can I join this club

Try My Team 5 spots open right now