Looking for a new platinum team

Looking for a new team preferably platinum. Looking for a team that makes CQ’S, completes at least 6 perks every week. I love the digging game and always get at least 23 shovels. Looking for a team that communicates well. And has fun.

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Rock Stars may be the team you are looking for if you are still interested. I am the leader (Ainslie). We communicate well, get all the perks and really concentrate on tributes. We do not do the dig every time - the team decides. We also have a messenger group where we chat and learn.

If you are still looking for a team, millie might be a good fit. We have a solid core of long time members, but need a few more consistent players. We are currently Platinum, focus on quests, communication, and team play. We love to dig but only when we have solid players that will work together and follow club strategy. We usually get all perks and love to chat. We would love to have you if you still need a new team.

Hi Jonathan.
My team Showmetheapples would love to have you join us! We are a top 20 Platinum team, we all use Chat and are very friendly! Our Daily Club Minimums are 3,000 Club Points and 25 Tributes. We Dig Wed/Thurs and take 1st Place 99% of the time! On weekends we all Qualify to take 5th place since we do not usually have Golden Tiki until Sunday. Our Perk order is 126354S and we complete all of them 90% of the time depending when Surprise Perk arrives (Saturday arrival is usually our toughest). Teammates must join our private Facebook group page where I post usually once a day with a reminder to max our Club Quest before it expires. We do have a 24 hour limit rule and ask you chat if you will be idle longer.
Hope you can join us!

CHECK US OUT! " DJ’s " platinum team. We are looking for YOU! please send us a request to join.

time off might be the group for you. Everything you have listed is what we do. I am the leader. Come check us out.

HI Jonathan, you’re more than welcome to join Tiki_scotland! We are high platinum/ low diamond. We are a friendly Team, We get all 7 perks 99.99% of the time. Digging is not forbidden, ALL I ask is that perk 6 & 7 get priority over Digging. It so happens that we do dig, but not as often.
It’s normally the 2nd dig if we finish perk 7 ahead if time! We motivate each other. No arguments and sarcasm is tolerated We treat each other with respect. What do you have to lose? You have lots to gain, come join Tiki_scotland, you won’t regret it!! :wink: OH chat is a must, some players chat a lot & others say very little & that’s perfectly fine. As long as you read chat regularly, specially when we dig. We also give game tips, and not reading chat, you will lose out. We have 2 unexpected empty spots. PLEASE JOIN US ASAP. ;

A-Team is looking for some strong new players if you’re still looking for a team. Typically a platinum team. We’re sitting in gold level this week due to removal of non-participating players. 20K/week or 200 tributes minimum weekly contribution per player. This team is serious about their digs!!

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HumanoidD7 is looking for players like you. Check us out.