Looking for a new Platinum Club

My wife and I (two players- not one player with 2 accounts) are looking for a friendly Platinum club where everyone contributes. We max all club quests, like to dig with a team play to win, and all club quests. On a team that gets 6-7 perks. All that is good with the current team, however 2-3 players sit at the bottom and dont contribute - so it makes it hard for the rest of us. So we see that the club is starting to fall because of it. Our ideal club:

Is friendly, chats to win quests
Plays all club quests
No bottom feeders
No clubs that have players with mulitple logins
Can take both wife and I at same time
Would ideally have 22-23 strong players and we would be your final 2. We also have another strong player friend that might follow us.

Our stats - GoatmeWV 350 tributes a week, 40-45k cps a week
Je t’ n Belle - WV 500 tributes a week 45-50k cps
We are currently in OUTLAWS in Platinum League

If you would like us on your team, please let me know here or send invite to both of us.


Question: Do you two need to be in the same club? Some clubs only have one spot and if you two were to go on vacation that would also be 2 members on limited play.

We like playing in the same club. We will keep up with playing during vacation.

Good to know…good luck in finding a new team.

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We have 5 spots open we are very interested in players that are team players, we like to complete quests and our team wins first place in the digs all the time. We also need people who will make quests and tribs a priority. Perks as well. Please join SPECIAL K TOO. When you join please post that Linda sent you. Our club rules are simple, quests come first, when you dig have a partner, must get atleast 10 shovels, be kind and you must chat. Very easy. We always get 7 perk chests.

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Your club sounds very nice. We decided to give it another week in our club and if it gets any better, but will definately keep Special K Too in mind.

Please join our team Mayhem-A-Go Go!! We are a well bonded team rebuilding.

Dale – It sounds like you and your wife would be a perfect fit for our club: FUNFR FAFA FOO. We just absorbed three players from a club who sounds just like yours – the first invited two others AND then her daughter from another club. They are all extremely happy.

We are a friendly (established October 2018) Platinum Club; we are very interested in recruiting like-minded team players. My husband and I co-lead the team. We’ve got 21-22 solid players (who are different people) and chat … but a few recent joins do not … like your requested, we work hard earning Tributes, completing Club Quests and earning all 6 (usually 7) Perks. We would love to have you both join us and would make room for you to be our final two. We currently have one opening, however, I’m hesitant to remove anyone unless I have someone to back-fill their slot. I will send you an Invite. Please check us out and if you like us, I will immediately make room for your wife. – Patti

Hi Dale, Patti said you and your wife are searching for a club to fit your needs. I also think you would be comfortable with FUNFR FAFA FOO. Many of our players express we are like family
We have a group FB page also, where we can ask questions, give playing tips. And stay in touch. And we can even rant on there about TriPeaks. Lol.
We hope you will give us the opportunity to wlcome youns into our friendly group.

We plan to join you guys after the perks refresh later tonight.

Sent an invite of you’re interested. We don’t typically dig but get all perks, have a hard working team of maxers, tribbers, minimum of 2,500/day maximum of 15k/day. (Yes, likely the only team with a max). We finish #1 of our rank typically then like to start over sometimes for fun. We typically clear 1.2 to 1.5 mill cp’s a week.