Looking for a new organizer/leader

Personal life has gotten in the way of continuing to lead a really awesome club. Lottsa Perks currently has a strong top 15+, but we do not push every week. We use a 3 week rotation. 1 - push and win at least 6 Perks (#6 first). 2 - casual play. 3 - relax and build stash. Friendships have formed and we use the Line App to strategise, etc. Daily play is required with a few exceptions to members who helped build the team.

If this sounds like a team you would enjoy, come play with us. Just send me a note and I will answer all your questions.

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Just a question, why dont you have someone in our club take over?

That would be great, but it takes time away from playing the game and no one is stepping forward. I may just have to walk away and let the team dissolve, but I thought I would try here first.


@anonymous3 and @Sandy Yep, that is exactly what you just may have to do. Hopefully someone will step up and take on the job, best of luck to you

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@beachglass… did you figure out how I can sign out as anonymous and back in as myself, Sandy?

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No but I can try and figure it out now


Look at where my pic is and click on it

You will see the logout

If you need or want a new club

I would be glad to have you at : Friendly 10000


I don’t know if u got my message, I am interested in starting my own but would definitely consider taking a formed club and making it work if it’s breaking down or whatever. If you could let me know some info if u didn’t find someone, I’d like to talk! Thanks.

I may be interested. My current club isn’t building as fast. You can see my club Good Tiki Times.

My club had a leader that abandoned the club 2 months ago. Tripeaks must have emailed her because she popped in for 1 second and has abandoned the club again. My NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS have done nothing. We also have at least 10 players who abandoned club and AGAIN TRI PEAKS DOES NOTHING.