Looking for a New Krewe for My Janky Shipsy

Arr Shipsy Rekt
Brand spanking new, dirt level club, fresh outta the box…searching for like minded,
intelligent adults that come here to get away from the b.s. and drama of their everyday lives and can do online chit chat.
We want people to play when you can and not go out selling body parts on the black innerwebs to earn coinnage…
No “Guests” and don’t go M.I.A. for a year…we’ll give you three days without a doctor’s note… after that…we’d better see you produce a dead body or ya gone like fart in the wind!
At least earn 100 Tributes a week to at least show you give a and show that ya wanna stay…& no amounts due before Idle…who cares!!! Over achievers are always welcomed and greatly incouraged!
Please play the Pele’s Perk’s thang in the weirdo order of 123645&extraspecialbonusperk…
It’s for the safety and the well being of all that are involved to appease the Goddess to Getяdone thissa way…
We don’t subcribe to the whole time space warp continuum coin suck of the Mescue Rissions or Havenger Scunts 'round these parts…ain’t no body got time fo dat!
We will to the best of our ability complete the “Club Quests” and try to whoop each other’s behinds…'cuz that’s wut we’re here for some friendly competition, right?
We will full on encourage designated “off weeks” at times so peeps can build their stashes instead of worrying about meeting quotas unless we’re really on a roll…then we’ll tawk amungst arselves and discuss…
Aaannnd lastly, at the end of said playing week…if you still can’t muster up a “hi”, get ur 100 in, or are idle for 72 hours or more, or are disrespectful to any other member of the group…Smell you later and I’m chunking two fangas yo way!!
Please share all your gaming tips, coins, recipes, and cooties with the group…
So swipe on right and let’s hook up and get on down!!!
Mahalo for your time and Always Live Aloha ッ!
Aka…Sandy Clams


My husband and I are looking for a club, if you have anything or are still wanting players. Your club sounds what we are looking for. Mariella

Aloha Mariella!
We would love to have the both of you!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We’re easily moving to Stone level this go 'round and would be ecstatic over people that WANT to come hang with us!!
Shoot me a “Request Join!” fer tha two of ya’s!!! :blush:
Sandy Clams
Arr Shipsy Rekt

I’m not looking for a team but if I was I would definitely join yours. Sounds like fun. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Id like to join this team :slight_smile:

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Hey ya! I sent a request to join. Hope you’ll have me. :blush:

GM Amber! I will be making changes soon and when a spot pops open you’re definitely in! Don’t give up on us!! :wink:

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