Looking for a new kind club - very active player

My last club used me it seems. I contributed daily, followed all rules, maxed all quests, etc I played hard and was even made club co-leader only to have the club leader boot me for no reason. I play multiple times daily, spend money regularly to meet requirements and complete all quests, and occasionally gifted club gifts for my club mates. I worked my way up to platinum league before being booted without explanation and would like to join a diamond league or above club to contribute fiercely to.
Thank you in advance for any considerations!

Please consider our club. Tiki Hut. We are usually a Diamond level team. Currently rebuilding so we are platinum level right now.

kion blue is diamond we have opening for someone who loves to play! 32k weekly min and we get all perks plus all quests…serious and want to play with fun loving addicts who like to chat… plz request join…be looking for u… kion blue = blue water warriors

Lollygagging would love to have an active player!

Dolphin Sands is just what you want! We have an opening this event. Mid to top diamond. Send request we’ll look for you Jean!

Thats just happened to me…I was used…I’ve stared my own WHOOP WHOOP…Tributes n Goldies… pls come join n Welcome Welcome Welcome

You would be most welcome at Bellas Angels

Dear Gina, you sound like exactly what we’re looking for! Check out ‘Strickly Tiki’, we are active, dedicated, and understanding of issues that may arise! I hope you’ll give us a try! You sound like you’d be a real asset to our club! Best Regards, Bevy Rice

Hi Gina! I sent you a text in messenger thru your fb page. DOLPHIN SANDS has an opening. Thanks! :))

Full Boat is looking for active players who will do the daily quests and tributes. And to use chat.

Dig competition not a requirement but we’d love the help.

Onceupon A Tiki (that spelling) has been looking for a dedicated new player! 7k/day. Diamond league. Must do tribute cq’s. Read chat. Dig optional.

We would love to have you in Shipwreck. I’m trying to rebuild the club and chat tends to overall be quiet. We are a kind club. I average 32,000 a week.

We have a great team, where in the gold league. Your more than welcomed to join. Pumpkin 21

So sad. Ive been there and i know what you are saying.

All or Nothing is a brand new team looking to reach the top level of Gold. Looking for new active players eventually becoming a little family. Check us out! :slight_smile:

Hello how are you I’m sorry to hear about the frustration that you have experienced.

I am the leader of We All Fit In

We are a very high level Platinum team that is currently diamond and we would like to stay diamond however we only stay in the diamond League one or two weeks and then fall back to platinum… I currently have openings on my team because I am making some changes in this rebuilding process.

Please request to join…

Thank you so much…

May God bless you and your family.

Best regards…


Club Leader

We All Fit In


Take your pick, there’s gonna be 1000 teams want you there

I’m finding very difficult to find players, I invited over 100 players and haven’t had one accept yet

Scoota is a very good club!
Please join us!

“Love to play” is a wonderful club! We would be delighted to have you!!!