Looking for a new home

Average 25k-35k a week, looking for a club that has active players. Current club not a good fit.

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Lee has 1 opening. We are pretty quiet in chat for the most part. We almost always get all 6 perks done and sometimes the special perk. Requirements are easy, 21,000 per week and no idle over 18 hours without letting us know. That is pretty much it.

We are 3 weeks old and our original team fell apart. So 8 of us created a new team. We have found about 8 other players that play everyday but we still need some good players. Our name is “Game of Prawns” . Send me ur player name and the team ur with and i will send u an invite. Thank you Wendy

“This is it”
We are looking for members that actually play. Join us!!

Ktv, you can try Super Tara Club :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s gonna be a good fit for both sides :wink:

Inbox only private club

Turtles is looking for a member who can make 20k minimum a week regularly, and reads chat. Search for us in the discover tab, currently ranked around 1150, but we are rebuilding and looking to move up.