Looking for a new club

I’m tired of being one of the few in my club doing most of the work. I’m an active player. I can try my best to meet certain requirements of the club. I would just like to be in a club that works together to achieve perks.


Come join us! We are a group of 7 that left another team for the same reason! We just started this week so will take a little time to build, but we promise to not make you feel like you are the only one pulling your weight. Team name is lazy bunch (all lower case).

Artistica needs 1 player. We are ranked just below 250. 25.000 minimum.

Come join Friendly 10000

We chat, like family, 10000 is the goal for each person but most of us get more than that

Team Lee has a spot for you. Rules are 21,000 per week, mo idle time over 18 hrs, new members need 3,000 pts within 24 hours of joining. Otherwise have fun and make new friends.

justMe. We have one opening at the moment.