Looking for a new club.

I have tried to be loyal to my current club but I just can’t do it anymore. We used to be in the top 250 but we’ve lost most of the committed players to better clubs, and now it’s full of French players, a language I do not speak. This makes it very difficult to communicate and be part of their team. I am a consistent and daily player, I am currently number 3, and I stay on top of sending coins. :smiley:

May I ask what your weekly average is? :blush:

It’s definitely not the 125k you said you were looking for :cry: I usually average between 35k-45k depending on the week. I feel myself slipping since my current club stopped being fun and successful :frowning:

I might have a spot available in p4p2 at the end of this event. p4p2 asks members to earn 10,000 points a week, although we have members who earn well above that. We complete 5 or 6 perks a week.

p4p2 has sister clubs - Play4perks, p4p3 and p4p4. Play4perks asks for 25,000 points a week, completes 6 perks every week, and most of the time 7 perks. It sounds like you would be a good fit for Play4perks when there is a spot open. We prefer to recruit from one of our sister clubs. This helps us know who the “team” players are :slight_smile:

In Play4perks and p4p2 we require members to at least check chat, because in Play4perks we do perks out of order, and in p4p2, we sometimes work on perk 7 without completing 6.

p4p3 and p4p4 only asks for 1,000 points a week. We generally use these clubs to recruit into stronger 2 clubs when there is an eligible member, but finding members who check chat is difficult to say the least.

When our club members cannot play as much, they often move into one of our clubs that are more suited to the points they earn to be fair to the other members (only if it’s more than a few days).

If you are interested, let me know :smiley:

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I am definitely interested! I always get more than 25k point per week and I do check chat daily (my current club does that as well).

I think you would be great for Play4perks when a spot opens, which usually happens when a member moves into one of our sister clubs, maybe about every other week.

In the meantime, I’m pretty sure there will be a spot open in p4p2 tomorrow night if we get a 7th perk today. I have a couple new members who haven’t responded to chat, so if they don’t notice that we’re switching perks, their spots will be available.

Are you interested in joining p4p2 & waiting for a spot in Play4perks?

Yes I am interested. I have no problem working my way up :smiley:

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Hi Amanda, I’m excited! Request to join p4p2, & I’ll approve it, & let you know when the spot is open. :smiley:

I just have one spot open, feel free to join club Artistica

We have 5 openings we don’t have rules we just play for fun no pressure as per club name Just for fun

Not sure if you decided not to join, or didn’t see my PM in this forum, but I just wanted to make sure you knew the spot is available to you if you want it. I’m going to start inviting people soon, because we actually have 2 spots available :slight_smile:

We have an open spot on our team “Stacey”—16K - 30K min depending on perks. We don’t have an idle rule. Looking to stay ranked 250 and higher. Send request!

@Amanda_Miller if none of the other clubs recruiting you snag you, please check with us…you are just the type of player we are looking for…we are invite only…CHAMPagne Sunday :sunglasses:

Why not look for a club that fits your needs, most have the requirements in motto and put in a request to join. That way they can find you and see your averages. Just a suggestion. We don’t have any openings at this time in our club but that is how I look for new members.

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If you haven’t settled into a new club, we are currently seeking new players as we rebuild our team. Min 25k week, chat required, and 24hr idle. Other than that we are a competitive (heathy) family who understands you have a life outside of the game and things come up…communication is key. If you’re interested it’s Bone yard? (Yes with the question mark…I don’t know why lol)