Looking for a new club?

Hi. My name is Sharon and I am co-leader of 'the blessed one" . We are currently looking for 5 active players to join our club. I am tired of doing it the old fashion way (going to clubs ranked lower than yours and recruiting) because we find some good players then they leave because they get a better offer. So if you are a serious player and can get 20k a week or more and can follow perk order and read chat please join us. Playing tributes is a must as well. Look up ‘the blessed one’ :slight_smile:

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Translation (spanish) from google I don’t speak spanish myself … both my husband and I are looking for a good club


Ok thanks Tracy. Not sure what I will do. Have to speak to my leader first

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I am the leader of sunnys island and yes I lost 5 players this week to being plucked by higher teams I’m sure I’ll be posting on hear soon for players

Sharon you can also ask teammates if they could translate on chat

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Mi marido y yo estamos buscando club somos buenos jugadores

@Mari’s post translated using Google Translate:

My husband and I are looking for a club we are good players