Looking for a new club ?? Try ours

Faithful tikis is looking for new players to come to our family !

Iv been a diamond league player for over a year and half now I’m looking for a club I just put 65k into points with a group that only had a 30k min. Met all requirements and then just got kicked out cuz I was out and unable to screenshot a clubquest that I maxed cuz I only had my tab n didnt kno how to do it… I’m so hurt n upset. I’m a good and hard player. N love to play. N I’m just devastated cause now I just lost out on gaining all the prizes I worked so hard for for something so stupid. Personally I think the leader didnt like me cuz I didnt allow her to talk down to me or others… please I won player of the week before and I got my club b4 to win club of week… plz anyone with an awesome club please