Looking for a new club to join

Hello! I’m looking for a new club to join. I get at least 20k in Club Points every week, and a minimum of 250 Tributes. Preferably a Platinum club.

Our club Tipsy Tikis has 1 spot open.
1.No 20 hr idle unless previously communicated
2. 15k by Sunday reset, because we tackle perk 6- 1st.
3. Help with remaining perks
4. Gem dig not compulsory, if you qualify minimum 14 shovels win and use.
5. Tribute trek is mandatory
6. Remaining team quests are not.
If you feel like this may work we are open to the public now
Jenny is the Leader
Myself Tracy coleader

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Perilous Peaks is looking for a new player. We are a platinum team. You must chat.

AvoidingReality has openings New Platinum team all about fun and laughs. 22,000 cp/250 tributes wkly. Chat is a must. Would love to have you join.

We are looking for dedicated players in Loonie Rehab 2