Looking for a new club please

Looking for a good friendly club! Name is wolfbabe26 !


@Wolfbabe26 I sent you a message. What is your club name and will send you an invite.


Danish club looking for ambitious players

Golden Tikis has several openings. Come check us out. We are a friendly bunch.

Hi sorry took so long to get back to you. Club is Spicy Hot Tamal.

Buckys Camp has an opening. We are a fun group that has been together for awhile

Check out TikiEliteRebels. We are currently looking for daily players. Must follow Perk Order.

If you haven’t found a team yet, we are looking for good, loyal players. Try Merry’s Misfits!!

Challengers is looking for good, fun and friendly players. Give us a try, can’t hurt to try.

Retlon’s Rebels is looking for 8 new players. You are welcome to come and check us out. We are cleaning up the ones that don’t follow the idle rule which is no idle for more than 24hours without notice. We like to play and are currently gold as the ones that went idle for so long didn’t do the cqs

Allied Rebels took a break for a bit, and is now in the process of rebuilding a great team. We currently have room for FIVE people. You must complete Club Quests, and pay attention to Chat.
We don’t require “chatty” people - just people who read chat and comment when needed.
The details you’re looking for:
25K per week and 250 tributes.
No Club Competition
Real Life Comes First!
We typically finish in low 20’s to mid teens in placement. We always get Perks 1-6, and USUALLY get the Special. We’re looking for people who WANT to get all 7, and play accordingly.
Leadership is fun, friendly, and puts the game AFTER the importance of real life responsibilities.

If you’re interested in joining, look up Allied Rebels and ask to join!

Hi wolfbabe26, my clan needs an ambitious player, we are a small clan, but I am weeding out the ones who don’t really want to be there. I would love you to check us out !!

Beverly Clapp

We would love to have you. We need good people that will play. We like people to play some tributes and the Club Quest. Tributes give more points but we’re not saying must play all tributes. Think about us “Malta one”