Looking for a new club - i play daily!!

Looking for a new club! I play daily, mornings and nights. I can do at least 25-30k weekly and I have a balance of 8m coins


@CindyLu We need someone…

What is the name of your club? Looking to join a new club at reset

That spot was taken, sorry

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Shyloh’s Savages are looking for a couple of regular players. Please apply

We currently need to fill a spot and have a great, helpful, chatty team! Oakley - currently in the top 300 and usually land in at least the top 600! What team are you currently in? I’ll search for you and recommend you! Or you can put in a request!

Oh well, thank you as always! :smile:

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if you’re still looking, you sound like you’d fit in very well with our club, Spacehog

Thank you! I joined a new club :blush:

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