Looking for a new club, I’m an active player

Was inactive for 10 hours because of work and got booted, now they asked me to rejoin but naw!

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My club Friende would love to have you. Rules are easy 10k before Wednesday, find tributes, do club quest. Just let us know if you can’t and all will be good

Active Players would love to have you. Diamond League 5k daily.

Try The Lostcrazies
All we ask is you chat,help getting perks,do cq,tributes and minimum 42k cp.18hr idle but if you warn us no problem.

Visit cheese tiki che

Sandy Bottom is a friendly laid back platinum club. Would welcome you!

Thank you, is it currently open for a new member?

Hi Monica. Not sure which reply you’re asking about but Sandy Bottom is open for new members. If your interested search for us we are platinum levels and leader is Sandy. Thanks.

Hi Monica ,
Players club would love to have you. We are a very strong team and can handle you being idle for work hours. We are a wood league now, but moving up every week. We star6our own club for many reasons. We’re a little different than most clubs. We care about one another & are like family. We talk about life, pray for one another, we’re big on promoting the team player, we use chat a lot. Requirements are 25-35k weekly, strive for 100 tributes daily (50 tributes is what’s required daily), no Idling more than 18hrs without telling someone, and no joining and then just Idling for a long period. That one may sound silly, but we’ve had many players join, someone welcomes them, they say nothing ( not even hi) & then go straight to Idling and stay at “0” for days. We don’t allow that kind of Idling. That’s it lol, lol​:grin::joy:. We’re really a lot of fun. We have 3 spots open so anyone else reading this. If you’re looking for a nice group of people, who all communicate and play hard as a team please join Players Club today.

We would love to have you​:heavy_heart_exclamation: Idk please look us up we are down two players, we all have lives and play at different times, but we are friends and active in chat, hope to see you​:peace_symbol::green_heart:

Come join Tribute Lovers all we ask is 24hs idle to give the leader a heads up and that it :smile:

Perky Tiki’s is a solid club looking to add new players to our family!

We recently had a group of players leave due to life situations and we are looking to build back up.

We are an understanding group that treats each other like family.

We require daily players or communication if absent.

Look us up or let me know if you’re interested.

Perky Tiki’s

Join my club swinging monkeys. I won’t boot you just because you were inactive for 10 hours that’s ridiculous sorry that it happened to you.

OnceUpon a Tiki. Great solid diamond team. 7k/day. 3k before first idle. And max cq’s. Request to join to try us out

Ice hotel would love to have you. Our inactivity limit is a very genorous 24hrs.

We’re a relaxed club but looking for dedicated players to help max there share of CQ

look us up

We are a Platinum team looking for new players. If you would like to join our team we are Perk Crushers!!! (Include exclamations).

Hi Robin, The Tiki Pools are looking for new members. Please request to join our club.

Dunedain would love to have you if you can max club quest, play tributes, log on at least every 18hr and earn 35k a week in points. We never miss a club quest and are very positive.

Ok I’m requesting, do you guys compete in the digging as well?

I just sent a request to join