Looking for a new club got booted from my last one

Hi all I’m looking to join a new club. I was booted from my last club. Which I’m really upset about. But nothing I can do about it. If your looking for a player who plays everyday please send me a requested


@Allie17, how many points a week do you earn?

I am looking into starting a new team at the end of the week. If you are willing to start with a club just starting please leave a message. We already have 4 strong players just need more. If you avererage 30k or more a week come join us. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m trying to get around 500 day. We are working to clean up from a major flood in my area so i have only been able to play a little bit a day

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@Allie17, I have spots available in p4p3. Club requirement is usually 1,000 points a week. We normally get 4 or 5 perks a week in this club.

When you have more time to play, and when a spot is available, you can move into p4p2, which requires 10,000 points a week. p4p2 gets 5 or 6 perks a week.

If you end up with a lot of time, & when space is available, our Play4perks club requires 25,000 points a week and gets 6 or 7 perks a week.

Let me know your game name of you request to join p4p3, so I can accept you. :slight_smile:

Tiki Ohana is also looking for new club mates. However, we are looking for players who can average 2k club points a day. 15k/weekly. We get 5 perks every challenge. So with perk bonuses and playing tributes 2k a day is more than possible. Our team doesn’t require you to play daily.

My name on there is allie thanks so much for the offer I look forward to playing with you guys

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Yay @Allie17, I think you’ll like playing with us, especially when you have more time & can move into p4p2, which is a bit more chatty team.

If you are going to join p4p3, now is a good time, but do it soon. I have 3 spots to fill and need to start inviting people.

BTW, there are 2 p4p3 clubs, one is public and probably full. I accidentally left that club one day and couldn’t get back in, so I started another. Look for p4p3 that has 21 people, invite only club. And use lower case p’s to find us :slight_smile:

We’re always looking for dedicated team players for my club…Widow(ers) club. 10k points a week, must have a name,(no guests), 24 hr max idle,(unless u tell us beforehand that you’ll be out for so long), participate in club quests, must read chat & club notes…most importantly, GOTTA HAVE FUN!!!

What happens to all the points and tributes that are earned on a club if you move to another one?

Join Happy Place. Quiet no drama club

I have a nice gold level sometimes platinum level easy going team. Looking for solid loyal dedicated teamates. #pickled try us out