Looking for a new club for all 4 of my phones! There's a little about me in the description

I’m interested in finding a new team. I play everyday from morning to night, I collect all tributes and all CQ’s. I play all digs and all boat races. I have 4 accounts/4 phones playing them each, every day on 2 separate teams. I’ve just been just looking for a team to commit to that is EQUALLY as committed.
Also, every day I hit the free club gift on the website and i think every day we should have the free gift from the club shop.

Maybe you should check out th recruitment chat on facebook

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Thank you, maybe I’ll do that.

Pumpkin 21 is looking for new players. Where a gold league .

Introverts R US is looking for dedicated players so I can retire at least 3 of 5 my helper accounts lol. We are a Gold League with currently 12 members plus my helpers. Here’s a look at our simple rules

•Read note/chat; play daily

•Newbies: 500 CPs b4 1st idle

•By Sun: 5K CPs & 50 tributes

•By Thu: 15K CPs & 200 tribs


•Must play ALL eligible CQs

•Removed for 25+hr idle except on limited play

•Post Agree if rules are ok

Kristal MD,

Clarky Club is always looking for new members. We play all CQ’s, digs and races. We are a Gold Club. Weekly minimums are 150 Tributes and 15,000 Club Points. We chat all the time too! Come check us out.


Wow you must truly like the game . I recently joined AristoCats . They’re a good team and was in Plumeria which were also very good and left to see what it’d be like to be on a higher rank team .

Keep on truckin is a team where all of them do the CQ, dig competition and some do the race