Looking for a more relaxing club

I’m looking for new more relaxing club. I’m like a 30 x on leader board

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Loki tiki is nice &relaxed we are gold level & we all try to help each other just show you are playing adding to club points keeping the volcano cooled with the tributes help get the perk boxes but there is no pressure if you just play.

Mermaid Lake has 1 opening. We are solid Gold but make Platinum about every other week. 10K minimum and 72 hour idle unless notified. We are laid back and some chat while others don’t.

What level of a club? How many points per week do you want to play?

Come join us at #LOVE, we are relaxed, just ask that you don’t stay idle for more than 4 days

We are team survivors a gold team nice and relaxed only committed to 2k cps per day.

I am looking for the same. I need something where I can casually play

Plz come and give Deathrose a try

MastersOfMayhem is a platinum team with 2 openings — we ask for 7.5k by Sunday (no weekly minimum) to ensure we get the golden tiki by Sunday 12:00 PM & everyone contributes. We do love getting CQs, digging optional, and super relaxed!

Just4Fun is a great club. We like that everyone try to qualify for competition and help, no pressure. Hunt for tribute. Just have fun.