Looking for a long term club to join? TTown Survivors wants 2 dedicated members

Looking for 2 daily players to get a minimum of 3000 points per day. No drama, just fun banter, play and earn! Platinum / Diamond league club, we like the challenge of quests, half our members have been with us since we started! If you’re looking for a long term club, we are right for you… Come join our fun loving and competitive team :sunglasses:

1k at join
3000 minimum points per day
required max 5 quests a week (we generally have 8-9 quests weekly)

No idle over 24 hrs
Follow perk order

search TTown Survivors under discover clubs


I’m looking for new club members my club is swinging monkeys and I don’t have any rules except to check messages and send some messages, and play to help and to contribute to the club and share coins nothing big