Looking for a gold level club

Looking for a new gold level club that is serious about earning all club quests, and doesn’t divert resources to the club competition. Experienced player and co-leader. Reliable and consistent.

We’re looking for a player!
Our team was created in 2018 and all our coleaders are original players from creation.

We’re usually in Platinum league and have occasionally bumped up to Diamond league.
We also finish all perks occasionally missing special perk.
Perk order 1-2-3-6-4-5-S
We usually finish perk 6 by Sunday or Monday

23k/wk 150 tribute minimum
7k by Saturday 10k by Sunday

New players 2500 before minimum
28 hour idle max unless explanation given. We know life happens!
We do dig but it is OPTIONAL
We do club quests

Come join us!

Tribute Tackler is a strong good club looking for new players who play as a team & communicate. Just cleaned house so have a few openings. We are friendly & understand real life as long as you let us know what’s going on. Check us out & we would love you to join if you feel you’d be a good fit!

Tiki Fighters is looking for someone that uses chat, and works as a team. We are a consistent Gold League Club that works hard but we all have lives/Kids etc.

Pollings group is looking for dedicated players
Group goals
Play all competitions
Play tributes
Chat in messenger