Looking for a Fun & Fabulous Club? Ghost Ship has 2 openings!

Ghost Ship, Diamond League has 2 openings. We chat, encourage, laugh, and share! We have both a FB page and a messenger chat and email for updates and communication. If this sounds good to you, please PM me: Deby Schelle or answer this post. :innocent:

If you still have openings I’m looking for a new and fun club

Hi Airman,
What club are you in now? We will have an opening at reset. Thanks :sunglasses:

I just wish clubs did not encourage or REQUIRE regular members to connect on facebook! Or install messenger or give out emails! Its very invasive and too much personal info to be giving a whole club you dont even know!
I understand a situation of perhaps leaders connecting with a co-leader if they know each other but otherwise cant we just communicate in the game?? I dont want messenger sending me notifications while I’m busy with real life about a game app quest!
Sorry, your club sounds great, just making that point…when I see “facebook” anything, that club is a NO, thanks

Hello anonymous476, I am not sure why you think it is a requirement in our club to join in our messenger chat or FB page. As stated above, we have those available for any member who wishes to be a part of those functions. It is always a personal choice. Yes, of course, we communicate in the game as all clubs do. Our club is great, but clearly NOT the right club for you. Hope you find just what you are looking for. Best, Deby