Looking for a fun but also serious club

The club I’m in now is ok but no one chats. They aren’t always great with the rules for digging. I always get at least 10k per week or more. I play at least a few hours a day. Almost always complete the CQ. I do my best with tributes but I am constantly running out of coins. I do spend a little real money in the game every now and again but not often. I just want a friendly, fun, chatty but also somewhat serious group to play in!!


Maybe if you can share a screenshot of the club you are in, it will make it easier for teams to invite you.
@CindyLu were you still looking for players for one of your teams?


We’re looking for new fun members who like to chat and follow the rules — and you sound perfect! We’re Silverado, our motto: “A playfully competitive and fun club”, with lots of chatters, who are supportive, funny, and friendly, and we do quite well. Cheers! Cat


Miss Understood. Gold league. The co-leader (im the leader and we switch off) were in the Legend league. We wanted to run our own team. Open to you. We’ve advanced every week. You can be a co-leader.

You need to join a Facebook group like : Solitaire TriPeaks Tips & Chat | Facebook
where you can learn how to amass coins without spending any money. Lots of other great tips there too.

Hi Carmen, Hapuna is always searching for ambitiuos players, we chat and we are a friendly and funny group, join us!

@Carmen_Haldane_Prill, yes, we have one spot open in p4p2, where we ask for 10,000 points a week.

If you join us, you would never be booted from our family of clubs!

Here is more info about us:
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

Thank you @Tracy

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Hi Carmen, Our Club has long been around in Platinum with many original members.We have an almost foolproof strategy for digging at Club Competitions, it’s a great team mora!e booster and gets members chatting. The basics are listed on the team page, Kiki, but we are a mix of players around the world, English is spoken, and always having players on gives someone to chat. Your play time is flexible by chatting your circumstances to leader of co-leaders. We 'd love to have you on Kiki, just request to join!

Request to join Perlous Peaks. We like chatty players

Sounds like our team ice hotel may be a good fit. We always dig but getting CQ Are priority. We appreciate life happens & a relaxed team for this for right players but we need to know. We’re a big family team

Check us out :wink:

Join us in the comedy club, we are a platinum league and need more serious players. We focus on finishing the tribute and club point quests, communicate regularly and work hard together to get 1st place on at least the 2nd dig comp each week :heart: we treat our members like family and appreciate serious players

try Simply the best, I’m Lonewolf, the leader. I understand there are several clubs named the same. This us a club I became the leader, after over a year of the original leadef & co leaders not coming in & we have grown slowly to a good group of people & have about 5-6 that chat often and spend money every now n then. we stay in the gold league & drop to stone here n there

We are looking for players at Disgraceful Few. Rebuilding and wanting to get back to Diamond, we are platinum now. Looking for quest completion and peeps that use chat. Come try us out and help us weed out the slackers, lol

Carmen please join our fun club! Active Only is our club name :slight_smile: