Looking for a few good men/women!

Looking for a few players who can hit 20k a week & be a team player & chat. Come check out blunt force!!

Do you have room for 2 players. We just left our old club due to some backstabbing & bitchyness after 18 months. Looking for a friendly easygoing club with no unrealistic expectations. We play daily, chat and help with perks and reasonable club quests. We have joined a new club but leader & co leader doing nothing.

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I am so sorry, your message went to my spam folder. But we do have room for 2 players. Our club minimum is 20k weekly. We just ask that if for some reason you can’t make minimum, just keep up with chat. Really laid back.

Thank you for your reply. We have now joined a new club but appreciated your offer.

Hey I’m looking to join a new team

Do you feel like helping to start a new club?

Joining a new team is best for me…as i don’t play much but i do play everyday

Hey we have a few spots going in our club we are a platinum league get all 6 perks most time get bonus one too. We ask for around 20k a week and 200 tributes a week too dont be ofline more then 24hours unless you say you going to be we are also a chatty bunch of people too and have a laugh etc.
We called sonnynkelly our club name check us out

If you planning on joining a team why dont you join us we holding 18th in platinum league and all we ask is you hit around 20 k and over 200 tributes a week you can bring your friend too if think they can hit the requirements etc.
We are called sonnynkelly our club name hurry with requests as only 3 spots open

Hey you still looking for a club we are a platinum league and holding 18th spot and all we ask is that you hit around 20k and over 200 tributes a week and dont be offline more then 24 hours unless stated going to be etc and always do your part in club quest etc.
We are called sonnynkelly our club name if think can do that send in the request

Sorry, I did reply before but something went wrong. I will start new group on Friday after reset. If you know anyone else who wants to join, please message me. The club will be called Foxtrot Oscar.

Can’t find club. Tried putting it exactly as you have it but it comes up as no clubs found

My friend and I are looking for a new, friendly, stress free club. Can you pm me please?

We have room for 2 people, Our club name is Blunt force. We have a 20k a week minimum & just ask that if there are weeks that you can’t make minimum that you communicate with the team. Laid back, fun & chill group.

Hey there! We have room on Blunt force! Come join us. Weekly minimum is 20k!

Thank you I’m Liz and my friend uses Mary UK. Is it ok after reset tomorrow? Your team sounds just the kind we are looking for.

Found club but it’s says you have 25 players