Looking for a few good Destroyers to join our Platinum team!

Hi, everyone! We have a tight knit team of collaborative players that has build a strong group (The Destroyers). We have stayed near the top of Platinum League for all but one week over the last theee months. We currently have 3 spots open and are looking for players that will:

  1. Start with 1,500 points before idle when you first join
  2. Add 150 tributes per week
  3. Acquire 15,000 coins per week
  4. Play daily (or communicate if you can’t. We all have lives and we get that)
  5. Use and watch chat for information
  6. Enjoy kind people and silly banter with a focus on team positivity
  7. Participate in Club Quests and winning Perks together

Love to hear from you if this sounds like your kind of team! I promise to close this out when you (public) team is full.


@Red_Menace, welcome to the forum! Best of luck finding new team members…


I am definitely one these type of players. I do work alot but I also have insomnia which keeps me up on certain and many nights. When I am up I always have to look for a new team, which I hate because I am very loyal to a team when I do join. It feels like all my contribution are for nothing bc they always kick you out in one day, not knowing we still have responsibilities that we do have to attend to but then it’s good to know you can play a game to relieve stress and relax but most of all enjoy with your teammates. It just frustrates me knowing Everytime I don’t play for one day or night I am kicked out. I am very dedicated and enjoy playing and contributing to a team where we can grow and begin to rise in the ranks as a team. I hope you let me be apart of your team and truly do understand that it may be one day or night that I can’t contribute but I will definitely be back for some wins.

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Hi, Evangeline. We have quite a few players that meet all other goals but don’t play for a whole day at times - I happen to be one of them. If you meet our 15k a week minimum and play tributes, the daily log in doesn’t really apply for us. Or of our co-leaders can only play a couple days a week, I have a day job that means I don’t help with every club quest when I work long days - but we communicate on chat to make sure the team knows. We haven’t kicked anyone off that’s doing their part on everything else if they play less often and communicate. Let me know if you’d like an invite - we have one spot open.

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