Looking for a few daily players

Club name: No Bullies
Has a few openings this week! New to our club-please read our rules, club chat and get 1k club points before going idle! Speaking of going idle, we only allow a max of 18 hours idle, so please be a daily player! We require 15k by Sunday night, and 35k by event end! We usually get all 7 perks completed! We are a chatty bunch, understanding that sometimes life gets in the way! Just let us know, and we will bend the rules a little for you, (just don’t have a crisis every week!)

Thanks for considering us for your home team! We look forward to playing with you!


How do you find new players within the game. A lot of people don’t use this forum. I used to go to Club Ranking, but now only the top clubs are there!

I am a everyday when possible player. I am probably not the best player in the world, but I always try my best with what points I acquire. I really want to belong to a club that converses and encourages each other. Just to play day after day with a team of total strangers leaves me feeling like why am I with a team at all.
My name is Sharon I’m from Newberg, Oregon. My play name is Froggie, OR

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