Looking for a few consistent players!

Looking for a few players who will add to our current team. If you can handle 7k and 75 tributes min per week give us a try. Club’s name is Botchd Lobotomy! the top 5 members are normally between 20-50k per week, but we need some consistent steady players too. Everyone contributes and gets along. No drama please!

Just sent a request to join. I play daily and focus on tributes. Thank you

Salina, I got your request and I currently have one opening. I approved your request, come join an exciting new team on the move up.

Would be interested in joining.

Love the name. Are you still interested in a new player.?

Big Toby, I just filled my last spot about an hour ago. Typically someone at the bottom of our roster will either leave or get removed during the week. If you want I can get back to you if that happens. If you find another team in the mean time, I will understand.

Join Club Dis! We would love to have you :slight_smile:

Big Toby, I just had one person leave our team, so I have an opening if you are still interested. Get back to me as soon as you can. This slot will not stay open long. Thanks!

Is there still a space available in your club?

Carla, yes I just had an opening become available. Our minimums at very easy. 10k and 75 tributes each week. Help the team with Club Quests. No idle longer than 24 hrs w/o notice. We realize real life comes first, just talk to us. 1k b4 your 1st idle. That’s it. Most of your teammates do much more than the minimum. Search for Botchd Lobotomy and send me a request to join. Looking forward to having you.

Let me know if you get another opening. :blush:

Let’s do it. Let me know