Looking for a couple of players. Platinum. Private

Looking for a couple new players. Our club (Round the World), was established by an awesome leader and a couple co-leaders in April 2018. We are consistently in the Platinum level, private club.

Laid back club, and supportive, and friendly, all female members at the moment, in all age brackets. Not all of us are avid on Facebook. If you like to chat and make friends, we have a group on Messenger. If not a chatter (some of us are, some not), just make sure you are reading the chat in the game and respond when necessary.

-Have Fun!!!
-15k min per week.
-36 hours and booted unless you communicate with us. We all have a life outside the game. Us leaders/co-leaders monitor when people are out, FYI, but know we have emergencies, work issues, families, vacations, etc.
-Contribute…tributes, club quests, free club gift check a must!!

Doing perks, we ask everyone stays in the same until 6 is completed. We do 1,3,6, then the rest.

Please send a request in Under Round the World, or respond here, or my messenger. I am not I my Facebook account much.

Looking for a couple of players that want to be in a nice, friendly, happy, team!!!