Looking for a couple of members

Weinie Hut Jrs is looking for a couple of ACTIVE players. We are currently ranked 34th in legendary league. We are super laid back compared to other legendary leagues. Basic rules like max club quests, get tributes, play daily and meet our 50k minimum. We never miss a club quest. Get tons of gems every week. Finish perk 6 Pronto. If you’re looking for a fun place to chat, make friends while getting awesome rewards then look no further. If you’re only going to play once or twice a day, get 4,000 a day, not use chat…DO NOT APPLY. Sense of humor is a plus :wink:

Hi, I am currently on legend team that is dismantling. Would very much like to play on your team starting Friday 10/2. My current team is Molokia. Please let me know. Thanks


May I ask why your legend team is dismantling?

Current leader is really busy at the moment with house hunting and getting ready to move, just a bit stressed right now. None of the co-leads want to take it on.

Hi we actually got demoted from Legendary:( 2 people left and 1 had a baby. Finding decent players has been such a struggle. We have no problem taking you in but we are no longer Legendary. Working on trying to rebuild a team now

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Hi, I have no problem being diamond, can I ask what team you are? Would also like to know your perk order and if you hit all club quest and perks.

Sorry for the late respond. Been a hectic week. We do 3,1,2,6,4,5 we finish 1-3 in about 6-8 hrs. Perk 6& 4 is done on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. All perks are always done. We’re done with all 6 now even though we were short all weekend and we got 1st on the club competition (gold digging) even with 20 members. My clubs name is Weinie Hut Jrs