Looking for a club

I actually responded in less than 6 hours before my spot that you offered in p4p2 was given away

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Nancy, if you haven’t found a home yet some of us just broke off another club to start Awesome Warriors. This is our first week but we are going strong. We value working together. We have 5 of us over 20,000; 3 of which over 25;000 already (only day 3.

@RobJ, I sent you a pm.

Hi Rob, “Weekenders” are looking for new members who are active. Very easy goals

I am so sorry, but I have found a home. Play4perks graciously accepted me and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank @CindyLu enough for taking a chance on me. Sorry I never came back here to post.

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Need a new club interested if you have spots open

gingys bread needs 5-6 players like you!

We would love to have join our team Friends/Family. We finish 6 perks weekly and sometimes 7