Looking for a club that is actuve

Looking for a club with mostly active members, I play multiple times a day, level 153


@Kylie_Harris Please join my club. Club Beast

Hi, join our club, the name is Showmetheapples and we are always in the 500 to 600 range.


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LBugs Retreat would love to have you. We are new so still trying to get a good team together :slight_smile:

Check out our squad “Tiki MonStars” I think you’d be a good fit.

tiki fire has openings and is looking for some new people. Love to have ya!

I tried, got message your not accepting new members @Violeta_Santos

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Your more than welcome to join The Flying Monkey club! Just started club and are already in Top1K. Looking for serious players who want to go to Top 50<. Had to make invite only as kept getting guest players who would join and then not play. Send a request to join. Would love to have you!:blush::+1::monkey:

Kylie, Fifty Shades is looking for steady players 20k weekly.

Always playing is a good club

Come join us we are a platium team n wud love to have you! Look up Game of Prawns if u wud like to join or let me know ur tripeaks name n team name n i will look u up

Try now Kylie please I do have one spending

We would love to have you join us. We need more good players. Believers Unltd.

check out our team, Be a Star. We don’t do slacker, idle people, love chat and friendly competition!

Perk Hunters is looking for a daily player. We are a diamond team, we finish all perks plus special perk. The rules are new team members 2,000 b4 idle. No 18 hr idle without prior notice, must help with club quests, 5,000 minimum daily, 35,000 weekly. If this is something you can conform to and would like to be on a great team, pm me. Thanks and have a good day:)

check out spacehog
minimum 20 K a week.
super understanding when people are busy and have things going on

We will need a new member when the tourney ends tomorrow. We are #1 in the Platinum League Tourney Board right now with a very solid 60K pt lead. The club is very encouraging with happy, pleasant people. We really haven’t had any drama since the club started in December so we’ve been fortunate.

We will have the surprise perk completed before the tourney ends and we do very well completing Club Quests, opening the Daily Club Gift, etc. Our members are nice to send gift boxes as well. We’d love to have you join us! If you send us a request, I would be happy to accept it tomorrow evening! :smiley:

If you would like to join, just search for: Soulmate I’m the leader and my player name is Jeannie.

I’d love to join your club if you would consider me. I’m a team player, play every day as much as possible.

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@Patricia_LeClair Dutch fun club is in need of a dedicated player, I posted today about it @Tasha you sound like you might be a good fit.

@Patricia_LeClair Thanks Patricia! Message sent! :slight_smile: