Looking for a Club preferably diamond, but platinum welcomed

At worst 30k weekly, at best 60k. Looking for a change of scenery from previous club :slight_smile:

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Hi Mackie,
We’re a consistently platinum club looking to add a player or two to fill our roster with players who can average 4-5k per day minimum.
Kings&Queens. Request to join if interested. We’d love to have you.

We are a diamond league team looking for a daily player. No Scruples.

Hi Mackie! We are Diamond club. SandyToes - we require 6000 min a day. We strive for club quests. We are a fun bunch and chat is lively and friendly! We also have an R&R team for vacations and when you just need a break!

We need ambitious players for our Platinum league! Come to pacific dream - all lower case, ask to join!

Hi,Awesomeness is currently looking for 2 active daily players. We are currently a top Platinum club that gets all 7 perks. Our daily minimums are 3.5K & 35 tributes (24.5K/245 tributes wkly)along with maxing the dly club quests. Although many of us exceed the minimums. Most folks average 40-100k a week. We prefer to go after Perk 6 early so we can have that precious little golden tiki man to help us all week.We enjoy chatting & encouraging each other and having fun. We understand that life happens and that can interfere with our play time, lol, we just ask that you communicate with team via chat. Were looking for someone who can commit to approx 1‐2° a day to play with the red star challenges usually requiring the most time to complete. If this sounds like a good fit for you click on over and check us out becaus"Awesomeness" is a fun supportive team to be part of. Hope to hear from you♥️

Hi, we r a 5k per day club but understand that everyone has lives so u can make up the 5k the day before or after, we r looking good to move to diamond league this week and always complete all perks. If we have a full team we normally complete 99% of club quests. We are calles contributors and would love for you to join us, thanks Debbie

You be a good fit for our club. We bounce between platinum and diamond. 30k weekly. We generally get all7 perks.
Team name
Perk up Pals

Check us out

Playa’s Playa’s is a friendly Platinum League club. 15 K per week minimum.

We are Khaleesi MOD. Look us up.
We are a very friendly and supportive group. 30K per week (but raising minimums to 35K 9/1 then to 49 by the end Sept…we have been on Summer minimums) 15 hr idle minimum. We finish Perk 1,2 & 6 by Sat and the rest by Sun. We always get Perk 7 done as well. If you are looking for a drama free and fun club and are willing to play on a daily basis, send us a request. You must currently be in a club so we can look at your stats. We are a chatty bunch always having a good time. No drama allowed. Must complete at least 3/4 of quests (sometimes life gets in the way) We are a solid Diamond team. Come join us! Become a Dragon…you’ll never look back!!!

It takes a team is looking for daily players. 30k weekly no idle over 24hrs unless we are notified. We are a fun group but tired of people joining who don’t play. If you want a platinum team come join us

We are desperately looking for new players in “Anti Primates”. Message me for any details if you want or just join :slightly_smiling_face: I am super laid back and understanding. There is NEVER drama and everyone is incredibly nice​:two_hearts:

Come play with us. :slight_smile:

Laki luau is looking for a couple new members. We are a platinum club. 4000 daily min. Great people. A lot of fun. We just lost a few heavy hitting for family emergency and etc. we love to play and would love for u to join us.

Pacific dream (lower case) is in need of two players usual end up in top of Platinum level but we need EVERYDAY players! Replacing slackers! COME JOIN US