Looking for a club please I can reach whatever goal

Trying to find a club that fits me, like some chat interaction, love to play and track tributes and stars, am a mom and a worker


Welcome to the forum @Crystal_Prater
Best of luck to you:)

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Please join Tikisim. I needed players that plays daily, earn tributes and challenges. We need to reach at least 5 perks. We only play for fun but daily.

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We at PP Casual can use a daily player. We are platinum sometimes gold (when we are short players). Our weekly minimum is 15k We usually get 6 perks and sometimes 7. we play tributes and quests but do not play the gem competition. If you are interested ask to join or let me know your game name and what team you are on and I will send you an invite. We are invite only right now because there seems to be an awful lot of hoppers right now.

ONE STEP BEYOND has a couple of openings. We are in Platinum and looking for players who can get 5k per day, 35k per week and no idle longer than 18 hrs.

I’d like to invite you to join chilled out. This is an active, friendly club and we realize our members also have real lives.

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We have an opening in a platinum club called Castaways. We get most quests, and dig for gems.

We are trying to rebuild hon, happy to have you in our club, Tripeak Friends :kissing_heart:

Tiki Fun Club would love to have you, we’re one of the top wood league teams and we have the potential to reach platinum. Our requirements aren’t too much. We would love to have you!

-someone ( Tiki Fun Club leader)

Hi Crystal! You’re more than welcome to check us out. Tiki_scotland
Minimum 45k a week. All club quests a must.
We get all 7 perks 99% of the time. We are in Diamond :gem:
Fun club, everyone treat each other with respect & kindness. No nastiness tolerated. We are one big happy family :wink:

Join us on team Lambert! We especially love doing the club tournaments to get gems(: No minimums, just play and interact. We’re in Gold league.

Did you find a club yet? I need someone who will help with tribute hunts and would love someone to interact with in chat. Come to No Safe Spaces.

We have an opening the club name is friende come check us out very laid back and friendly

Please give Queen Bees a try. We are trying to rebuild our team. Love to hunt tributes, chat , and enjoy the game

I am a co leader of Tributes A Must. You sound like a perfect fit for our Gold League Club. We would love to have you. :slight_smile:

Perilous Peaks needs players

CardSharks has a opening. We are a tribs team and get between 4 to 6 perks each week. We do the club comps and use chat to coordinate the dig. Call out when we have maxed club quests and just to chat.
We have minimums but they are low and I’m sure you could surpass them easily. Daily play required but we also have a heart and know life happens. If you let either me or one of my co-leaders know You won’t be in or will have low play that week then it’s no problem. Just catch us in chat. We are flipping between gold and platinum right now and need a good player like you to help us stabluze

We want you! Mayhem A-Go-Go!!!

Come join friends or us we have no STRICT rules just play

didja find your club yet? if you’re still looking, please look at Cheap Therapy
sounds like we would be a good fit.