Looking For a Club? Join Chillax

Hi folks. Chillax is looking for new club members. As the name implies, it’s a very chill club. The problem is that it filled up fast and a lot of players fell idle. We are looking for players that actually play and participate! Come check us out! :grinning:

I would like to be on your team

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I would like to be in your club

Hey if you can reach around 25k a week and over 200 tributes and max on quest etc and always active send request over to sonnynkelly thats club name we have 4 spots left

Hey have you got a team yet as we looking for players what can hit around 25k

Let us know asap you will like our team all chatty people

Absolutely need a new club. Got thrown out because I have a life and couldn’t play all day

Um, do you have a thread of your own?