Looking for a club. I’m probably between casual and Ambitious

Mid level player looking for a new club. I play every day. I’m a team player but want a fun positive atmosphere. I’ve played# for over 2 years

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Consider joining Dirty Ducks, we are ambitious, no 24 hours without notification, concentrate on club quests, tribute trapper & have landed first place on the dig several times. Come give us a try? You won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Welsh Peaks is looking for players like you :blush: we are a relaxed group. Just having fun, but like to earn the perks. I was made leader after only playing a couple weeks when the leader left and set me as leader so I could use some great players!

You are welcome to join Merry’s Misfits, so!e found it without the apostrophe. I am looking for someone that plays everyday, reads chat, and participates unlocking the club gift, and the competition games, just a team player. We like to have fun and play! If it sounds like your kind of team, come and join us!

I signed up for dirty ducks and qualified for the dig

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We have openings in the Sol Surfers! A fun group!

Come to shooting stars no conditions


Check out my club Ice Hotel - High ranking gold league team with no set weekly minimus like most!

We’re a friendly relaxed team but expect team work to max CQ

Club comp/digging isn’t expected as CQ are priority but most that qualify mean we’re usually first or second in our leaderboard. But we expect A strict min of 6 shovels though!

Strict 24hr idle limit time unless notify us but understand life gets in the way sometimes :wink:

We’re gradually re- building after clear out of non rule following players :frowning:

Check us out & I look forward to welcoming you to our team/family x

Come check out tiki amigos! Diamond club!