Looking for 7-8 active players

Tiki Tea Party is looking for some active new players. 15k per week / 24hr idle max / 100+tributes

We had a great platinum club under a different name and our leader went MIA and everything fell apart. I managed to salvage an excellent core of players in a brand new club. Right now we’re dominating in the rookie league. We are looking for some, productive, social, team players that like to have fun. Come join us in our rise to prominence!




No takers? Really is a good club

Hello Muckles, We had a similar problem with leader MIA but she did pass the horns on before she left. We have 9 daily players including me as leader and two co-leaders. Our club is called Rowenas Warrior - named after leader that left. How many openings do you have at this point?

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Hi lorrilyn,

Right now I can cut the members to 17, as I’ve been letting some members slide on the rules somewhat due to the difficulty of finding new productive members. So it appears I’m one spot short. I’d love to work something out if you think it will be a good fit.

I’m asking 15k per week, new members 1k before idle, 100 tibutes, max 24hr idle

I don’t know if all 9 would follow. I posted in our chat that i’m looking to move as a group and will see how many reply. If they aren’t willing to come together you may just have 1 - me :wink:

Keep me posted, we’ll work something out. If they agree, I’ll switch my group to invite only, cut the positions needed of those who should have been kicked already anyways and send invites to your members. Sound like a plan? If nott your more than welcome to come join the group. I’ll send you an invite that ewill make it easier for you regardless of what happens.



Sounds like a plan! I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you,


My Co-Leader Rachael would like an invite. She is consistently our top player. She works swing shift though, I believe in health care and is off the game sometimes more than 24 hrs. Trust me she more than makes up for it when she can be on though. I’ll hang with our group about a day and then will come to your team and will give you names of anyone else ready to jump.

Ok I’ll send her an invite, let me Know as things progress.



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She came to you already from your invite. Guess she was more than ready to switch!

Yeah, sometimes members are ready and Just need the opportunity presented. When recruiting, often I looked for clubs that the leader eas in the bottom of points.

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I am looking for a new club how do I join

What’s the name of your current group I’ll look you up and send you an invite if that’s easiest

Alright Muckles, one more … other co leader Becky wants to come with Rachael and I … She is waiting for your invite. If no one else responds to my message by tomorrow it will be up to you which of our players you want to invite. Adele is a really good player but new(ish) to the club. You probably wouldn’t go wrong with any of them in the top 4. I’ve made them all co-leaders at this point preparing for my departure.

Well, Let me ee know when your ready and ill pull the trigger on dumping some members

Better hurry, cleared two spots. It is invite only but who knows if there’s invites still outstanding

Okay I’m coming right now!

I would be very interested in joining your club. Please check my stats and let me know if I qualify.
Thanks, Jon

You have to provide me with your current club name so I can find you.


If a spot is still open I’d love to join! I’m part of the Hide Away club. Everyone use to play until a few months ago and I was pretty much the only active member. Tonight I randomly became the leader. I don’t want to be a leader of a group that doesn’t play of even a member of one.