Looking for 5 players

Game of Prawns is looking for some players to join our team. We r 18 strong but are having trouble getting the last few players who are solid. We ranked around 700 and are now in the platium group. We finish all 6 and sometimes the ancient chest ( which we wud love to get all the time ). We r not delete happy n we understand life family n work are priorities but we r competitive just the same. If this team sounds like a good fit for please look us up or leave a message with ur name n team n i will find you. Thank you, Wendy

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Hi Wendy!
I have been playing this game for a while now and for some reason, I guess a glitch or something but I lost all my boosters, coins, and tributes. It reset my game back to the start. I was a member of Z Nation but I can’t find them on my game now, matter of fact I can’t find any clubs. I would love to join your club if you still have openings. My name is Lanette. I play daily and trade coins daily. Thanks for your consideration! Lanette

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We do still have openings. So your not showing in a club? If u tpye in Game of Prawns we dont show up either? Maybe it is cuz u reset. What island are u on? Ours is public but we have it set to a certain island before u can join but i can change that to get you in. What is your screen name? I will do what i can to get on the team. Just let me know. Thanks, Wendy

Thank you Wendy! Another group recruited me yesterday so I just joined them. Thank you for the invite tho. That was kind of you and I appreciate it!

U bet if it dont work out just come on over. Good luck with ur new team! Thanks for letting me know!