Looking for 2 Players after the Reset

Our club will be looking for 2 players Thursday night after the reset. We are losing 2 lovely ladies who need to step away from the game and enjoy life.

We are always ranked 100 or below, usually around 60. Our rules are simple:

  • 35,000 weekly minimum, most of our club is 45,000+

  • 10,000 minimum points after game reset on Thursday/Friday depending on your time zone

  • 24 hour max idle

  • No people named Guest

*. Chat & join our FB page

*. I only accept people who are in a club now (that is the only way I can see your average score, I have been burned before my someone telling me they score 60,000 points and come in and barely make 10,000).

We are a friendly club with international players. We know that life situations arise that may prevent someone from occasionally not meeting the minimums and try to work with people as long as we know what is going on.

If interested, please reply with you current club & screen name or send a request to Flew the Coop, look for us somewhere between 70-80 now. These will be filled after the end of the event, not before.

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