Looking for 2 new members

We currently have 2 openings. We have fun but have a few club rules and are usually around the upper 100’s to lower 200’s in rank. We are looking to move up in the rankings but have yet to find the right fit for our team.

  • Here’s our club requirements: MIN.40,000ptsMIN.14k by Sun.MAX idle 20hrs.New members-2k before idle. Must use chat. We look forward to having you on our team.
    Club win more 2

Hi I’m looking for a new team. I’m attaching my current ranking in my team. Thank you,

Hi Dawn I will send you an invite tonight if you are still interested

Can I join please? This is my current rank, I play every day

That would be great! Thanks!

I can’t find you in your club so ask to join our club or just join it, we have 3 openings now, we are:
Club win more 2

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


I have a new club I started yesterday and looking for members it’s called texas tributes you are welcome to join if you’re interested