Looking for 2 dedicated players

Hi all!
TIKITASTIK is looking for 2 players to help us make it into the platinum league. We’ve come soooo close the last 2 weeks and we’re only into our 5th week as a new club. We’ve got all 7 perks 3 weeks running. Chat not needed although welcome. Rules are simple 20k minimum, but more a bonus, no 24hr idle and try to help with CQ. Tributes only required if the volcano is getting angry :wink:

Hi, I am interested. I have been averaging 35k and just started in May. I have been my clubs top score for 3 weeks in a row and they were just demoted to Stone league. Looking for a more competitive club.

I am also interested, PreservedKillick. Was called Don. I am my clubs co-leader by default I guess. We have only made it out of the stone league once. I’m always the points leader by 2x or 3. Today was 33k.