Looking for 1 daily player.

Hi Tiki Warriors are looking for 1 active player at end of tournament. Requirements are 10k by Sunday night, 20k by Monday night and 35k weekly. Must use chat and participate in club quests.
We are in diamond at the moment and are happy to stay there. We are not looking to progress in the game.
If you are interested. Please PM me. Thanks

Are you still looking for a new player?

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Not at the moment but I will have an opening at reset if you are still interested. I have a playet leaving at end of tournament but may leave early if there is someone to take her place. She has health problems at the moment.:slight_smile: just let me know if you are interested.

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I am. I love my club right now, I’ve been in it for over a year but just the last month or so only half the players try and we don’t end up finishing perk 6 until Thursday. It stinks for those of us that do make an effort.

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We finish perk 6 by Sunday night. If we become friends on facebook I can send you an invite. I removed someone for being idle too long this morning so I have an opening. :slight_smile:

Sharon Lindsay same picture as here on facebook.

Oh my gosh. I’m just checking back here since it’s Thursday! Will there still be a place open after today? I just added you.

Lol Yes there is an opening for you. I will send you an invite.

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I’m not sure if you have a play so many points before idle so I’ll accept when I get home. Thank you! I’m excited!

Yes new players have to get 3k before idle. Ok great. :slight_smile: