Long term players

Ive noticed alot of players dont stick with the game for more than 6 months. The struggle to collect coins to keep playing deters alot of people which means a high turnover of team members… Next struggle is finding new players. Any thoughts?

I’d have to disagree I’ve been playing for 3 years and am still just as addicted. Most of my old team members are also still playing. Our team has had a bit of a time finding two new players that fit our group. It happens sometimes. If you’re interested, we’re called the Tipsy Tikis!

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I think it can become a chore after a while. In the beginning you are advancing to new levels, moving up leaderboards, trying out and joining clubs. Then you have to login every day and make quotas. Progress slows or even stops. Top players in your clubs are moving on leaving your club worse off and therefore less perks. New updates may makes things more difficult than before and after a while you may feel like your running in place with no benefit…

That being said. This is month 5 for me and I’m loving it. :partying_face: