Lollygag with the best! Diamond/Platinum Club

Lollygagging is a platinum/ diamond club, we are fine with either level.
We have spots open for three solid players. You must be able to help with club quests, get 13,000 club points before you finish playing on Sunday night, play tributes and communicate. The weekly minimum is 26,000 club points and 100 tributes. You have well over 100 tributes just with the amount of tribute quests we get. You need to add Fran Pennington (pic of lily of the valley) to your Facebook account, we chat on Facebook messenger. We have two group chats and a group page. We like to joke so if you’re easily offended it’s not a place for you. We pitch in and help each other out when needed. We are very team oriented and family comes first. Dm Fran Pennington if interested.

Come have fun Lollygagging around!


Mám záujem o vás klub

Please search for Lollygagging (we are the one with the platinum badge) and request to join

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Žiadam o diamanty😁 ďakujem