Logging in and out

My leaderis having problems with logging in. I’m posting some screeshots. Does anyone have any suggestions? She’snot able to see chat either Screenshot_20180412-072656_Facebook|243x500

Two of my teammates can’t log in either. Also there is another post about this here on this forum, and people are mentioning this problem on the Solitaire tripeaks FB page.

I haven’t tried yet today. Keeping my fingers crossed though. Sounds like a glitch. I wonder if it’s a FB glitch or a tripeaks glitch. In either case, I hope they fix it quick!

Try directly emailing them, and include your screen shots.


What I saw on the TriPeaks page is it is a Facebook issue. Another thread on the forum walks through how they fixed it for themselves.

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@Terbaer, I think this is the walk through you were talking about. It worked for 2 of my teammates that couldn’t log in at all.

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